Having a baby transforms our lives in the most amazing, unpredictable and challenging ways. In the best of times, there is not a lot of support for people during the postpartum period when they are trying to figure out how to take care of a baby, potentially go back to work, and define their new identity with little sleep and a lot of emotions. COVID-19 has made it hard to have friends and family close and new parents need to connect with each other more than ever.

This group meets once a month, for two hours (without babies or partners) in the evening, to connect and support each other through one of the hardest and most joyous times of your life.

Potential topics covered:
 Partnerships – communication and expectations
 Balancing work/life and career transitions
 Feeding/Sleeping
 Sex after baby
 Motherhood – cultural messages and ideas
 Body Changes/ Body Image/Acceptance
 Parenting philosophies/values
 Goals and dreams

In-person when we can be outside, online when we can’t.
Limited Registration.

First meeting is in person on Sunday, Sept. 13, 4-6 pm in person/outside, weather permitting
The next 5 months are on the second Tues/month, 6-8 pm online
$150/6 months

Not only did the Vermamas group provide me with an invaluable resource of strong, caring women to connect with on a regular basis about our experiences in parenting, it also helped me to stay connected to myself. Being a Mom changes almost every part of our lives. In setting aside one night a month to attend the VerMamas gathering also provided me a space to listen to myself and hold myself accountable for setting goals for my life that help me feel fulfilled and show up as a better person, in my partnership, as a parent, and in my career. Now more than ever, we need a space to listen, connect and grow together and as individuals. Don’t hesitate to join! It is so worth the investment of time and money. Our group extended our sessions with Jessica (who is a fantastic facilitator!) and even after our sessions officially ended, we still meet virtually every few weeks to catch up.

Vermamas was an invaluable support for me in my first year of motherhood. After enjoying every moment with the mamas during our sessions, I often left in awe of the connections I felt. While we all had our own unique stories of triumphs and struggles, there was an incredible amount of commonalities. I love how we’ve continued to stay connected as a group and looking forward to many years ahead of this shared, special bond with an amazing group of women in my life.

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