Nicole Dagesse

Nicole Dagesse


Nicole is a yoga teacher, dance artist, and mother. Yoga was vital in her ability to stay present during the transformation of pregnancy, childbirth, and new motherhood. As a yoga teacher specializing in pre/postnatal and vinyasa yoga, Nicole delights in opening her students to increased movement possibility in body, breath, and mind.

After earning an MFA in Dance and specializing in Somatic Practice, Nicole felt that teaching yoga would allow her to take her practice and understanding of yoga to a new level. Nicole was deeply inspired by the training she received at OmTime Yoga, Tillai University in Boulder, Co. Under the tutelage of Shannon Paige, Nancy Kate Williams, and Gina Caputo, Nicole was encouraged to develop her own teaching style that incorporated vinyasa flow, anatomy, and the chakra system.

Pregnancy was a terrific yoga teacher for Nicole, as she began to understand union in a completely new way! Deepening her knowledge with a pre/postnatal training at the Asheville Yoga Center, Nicole began teaching prenatal yoga and then postnatal yoga with a wonderful teaching assistant, her son Elias. Prenatal yoga brings a fresh perspective to yoga teaching, where creating community with other mothers is as important as the postures and therapeutic practices. Nicole especially loves teaching partner yoga to pregnant women and their birth partners, sharing the breath, ease, and physical connection that will aid the couples through the challenges and joys to come!

After many years away, Nicole is delighted to call herself a Vermonter once again. She lives with her husband, exhuberant three year old son and newborn baby girl in Hinesburg.

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