Welcome! We are so glad you’ve become a part of our community. Below are some of our most frequently-asked questions, but please email susan@growfamilyvt.com if you have additional questions that are not answered in our FAQs.

What are online classes like?

Online classes feel a lot like studio classes. We start our classes with a quick “check in” so that each person attending can say hi and have the chance to ask a question or share how they are feeling. After this short opening part of class, we settle in for yoga. You are welcome to turn off your camera at this point or keep it on, whichever you are most comfortable with. There’s also an opportunity to chat with community after class.

What do I need to have with me for an online class?

For adult classes you will want to have a yoga mat or similar non-slip exercise mat. It’s also good to think about what kind of household items you could use as a yoga block (a big book, or a water bottle, or a few pillows stacked) so that you can make some stretches more accessible. For baby and kid classes, it’s great to have something that can be used as an instrument (think egg shaker-style) and a small stuffed animal that can be used as a breathing buddy.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable, fitted clothing that you can move freely in, and no socks.  For EvoKids, bare feet are important, no tights or socks – we don’t want kids to slip!

Do I need to preregister for class?

Yes – please preregister for all classes whether they are in person or online.


Who are your teachers?

We have a wonderful team of teachers for our childbirth education + yoga classes. Meet them here.


Do I have to become a member?

Nope! We also have pay as you go options with either our single class rate or our income sensitive rate. However, we have seen that membership leads to more consistency and have gotten great feedback from students that they are doing more yoga now that they are members. Three cheers for bringing more health and wellness to our community!

Why don't you offer class cards anymore?

Great question. We decided to make this change in order to create more sustainability for our small business while we maneuver the Covid-19 crisis. We also feel like memberships support our community in a much better way by allowing people and families at home to practice more yoga and not feel stressed financially. We love the “choose your amount” model and hope you do too!

Do I have to pay for myself and my partner for birth class?


One registration covers the pregnant person plus a partner if there is one for our childbirth education, newborn care, breastfeeding and sibling prep classes. And be sure to check out our family membership which takes 25% off all birth classes! Some insurance companies reimburse for birth classes (Blue Cross Blue Shield VT Better Beginnings Program is one example), so be sure to ask!

What is your mask policy?

Outdoor classes: masks are optional for vaccinated students and mandatory for unvaccinated students. 

In studio classes: As of May 18, we are choosing to have masks mandatory for in studio classes.  As information changes, we will shift our policy accordingly.


What is your Reparations Discount?

As part of our ongoing anti-racist efforts, we offer a 30% Reparations Discount for black, indigenous and people of color. 

We recognize that the United States is built on centuries of racial injustice. We acknowledge the appropriation of land from indigenous peoples, the forced unpaid labor of black people, and the countless other historical injustices experienced by the racially marginalized. We acknowledge the racialized oppression that still rages around us. 

As a part of our commitment to be actively anti-racist, we offer a need-blind Reparations Discount on classes, memberships and childbirth education to anyone who self-identifies as BIPOC. We will never profile you, even for a discount. If you would like to accept this discount, please do so by adding the code “REPARATIONS” at checkout to receive 30% off.

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