We invite you to join a group of new mothers for monthly inspiration, support and goal-setting. Become a VerMama!

The mission of this group is to dedicate a few hours every month surrounded by a consistent community of women who can help support each other through the transitions of new motherhood. This group takes place in our lobby space and is not a yoga class!

There are many offerings in our community for prenatal support but what about after the baby is born? What happens when family leaves or friends stop delivering meals? After months of preparation for the birth of a baby, there is little support for women in the post-partum stage who are coping with one of the biggest transitions of their lives. This group will be a place to begin exploring your thoughts and questions about issues such as:

    • Body-changes/body image
    • Work transitions - back to work/staying home
    • Sex after babies
    • Partnership: domestic chores and the quest for equality
    • Values: Starting now – how to find your own parenting philosophy
    • Goals and Dreams for you

Tuesday evenings, 6-8 pm, once a month for 6 consecutive months:
Sept. 4, Oct. 9, Nov. 6, Dec. 11, Jan. 8, Feb. 5
The VerMamas group is for adults only, no babies please.

Facilitated by Jessica Ticktin 

$150 for the 6 month commitment


Modern Pop is not a place to receive a booklet on "how to be a good father." We are a place to have real conversations with other real dads who are sharing a very similar experience.

Being a father is such an important role in society, yet there are very few opportunities in our community for dads to come together and focus on their own well-being. Every month, Modern Pop intentionally provides time & space for new fathers to connect and support one another in a meaningful way.

The transition into fatherhood is a life-changing experience, and one that is accompanied by a wide range of emotions. Monthly conversation topics are largely member-driven, and space is made to cover thoughts and feelings. Examples of our topics include:

  • Finding a fatherhood/career balance
  • Having a healthy relationship with your partner
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Maintaining perspective
  • Communicating values with parents and in-laws
  • Raising a happy and healthy child

The group takes place in our lobby space, and is conversation-based...so no yoga pants needed! Meetings will take place Tuesday evenings, 6-8 pm, once a month for 6 consecutive months beginning in November. The Modern Pop group is for adults only, no children please.

Facilitated by Keegan Albaugh
Photo credit: Carley Stevens-McLaughlin

$150 for the 6 month commitment