Tiny Humans, Big Emotions:
A workshop for parents who want to raise emotionally intelligent humans

“I believe in a world where we can feel our feelings without drowning in them. I believe in a world where we aren’t scared of a feeling because we know we can process it. I believe in a world where we automatically put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. I believe in a world where we can acknowledge our insecurities without tearing someone else down. I believe in a world where we have respect for one another’s bodies and emotions. I believe in a world where it’s okay to cry if it helps you feel better, and where others won’t try and stop it out of fear or discomfort. I believe in a world where we are as rested as possible so we can be our best selves. I believe in a world where we all have people we can break down to, who collaboratively help us process the hard stuff. I believe in a world where we all have tools to help us find our calm. I believe in an emotionally intelligent world.” — Alyssa Blask Campbell, Founder of Seed & Sew

You don’t have to have all the answers. That’s why we’re here. We are bringing the latest research, decades of experience, and a how-to guide to you so that you can be equipped with the tools to raise emotionally intelligent humans. This begins in infancy, but it’s never too late to start.

If you want to raise emotionally intelligent humans, Tiny Humans, Big Emotions is a parent support group for you! You are not alone. In fact, many parents near and far are experiencing similar things right now. Fear not, I’m here to help. I co-created, researched, and am writing a book on the Collaborative Emotion Processing (CEP) Method. Not only am I up to date on the newest brain development research on emotional development, but I also have concrete ways for parents and caregivers to respond. We all know this is important stuff, but knowing HOW to do it is a whole different ball game. Come join us to build your toolbox for responding to emotions so we can collaborate on raising emotionally intelligent humans.

Location: ESSEX
Monday, December 9, 6-8 pm
$45 per adult

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About Alyssa Campbell

My favorite qualities in people always come back to emotional intelligence. In fact, I started noticing that when someone was pushing my buttons the things I disliked were also related to emotional intelligence, or a lack thereof. I love self aware folks who are able to regulate their emotions, put themselves in other people’s shoes without envying the greener looking grass. I find it dreamy when people are able to acknowledge their triggers and tap into coping skills to process those emotions.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of sexual assault, school shootings, and bullying we raised humans with the emotional intelligence IQ and communication skills to thrive and not just work to survive? I agree. It fills my soul to bring decades of research and experience to you, with a chai latte in one hand and the other one holding yours as we walk this journey together. I collaborated with folks to create the modern village– combining parents in the trenches with experts in the field to raise emotionally intelligent humans through my business Seed & Sew. In order to serve the world with free content on hot topics, taboo subjects, and all the nitty gritty of of raising tiny humans, I host a weekly podcast called Voices of Your Village. I have served the world of early childhood as a director, teacher, nanny, aunt, doula, researcher, sleep consultant, friend, and passionate advocate. Decades of experience and an acute awareness for the missing pieces of the puzzle have led me to to work alongside the teachers, parents, and caregivers so we can raise a generation of emotionally intelligent humans.

Are you ready to join me?

Alyssa Blask Campbell M.Ed. in Early Childhood Seed & Sew LLC Founder/Consultant Voices of Your Village podcast host alyssa@seedandsew.org