Suzy Shulman

You’re probably thinking I’m another one of those health and fitness junkies who’s going to force you to eat a bunch of kale and sweat profusely for 30 minutes a day and feel guilty if you don’t, right? You’re imagining me as either decked out in the latest yoga fashion of the month or as a ripped replica of Jillian Michaels, right?

Not quite. I’m not a fitness junkie. I’m not going to force you to eat kale, or any other leafy green for that matter. I’m Suzy. I’m strong, funny, compassionate, loud, silly, curvy, and muscular. I love to move. In fact, I’ve never been interested in sitting still – I’ve been downright incapable of it since the moment I was born. I love to cook. When I’m not in the studio, you can often find me in my kitchen, experimenting with new gluten-free recipes. I love my partner, Mike; our dog, Bubba; and our three cats, Lucy, Baboo and Tiny. I love walking, expensive skin care products, antiquing, big earrings, reading, and laughing.

More than anything, I love providing women with the guidance, support, and training they need to live happy, healthy, and fit lives. I have more than a decade of experience teaching group fitness and personal training. I have certifications in Pilates, Restorative Yoga and as Strength and Conditioning coach.

I teach our Saturday 9:45 am Postnatal Strength Training, and I hope you’ll join me!