Sharon Fennimore

I am an enthusiastic yogini with over 20-years of teaching experience with a special interest in medical anthropology, East and Central Asian art and languages, somatic movement therapy, and Buddhist philosophy.  For the majority of my yoga teaching career, I have focused on yoga for fertility, pregnancy, and moms and babies.  I developed a yoga-based childbirth preparation class called Dynamic Childbirth.  The focus is on breathing, communication between a laboring person and their main birth support partner, and how to relax into the labor and birth process as a transformation.  After many of my students asked me to be present for their labors and births, I decided to participate in a DONA birth doula course and became a DONA trained birth doula.  I pioneered a prenatal and mom and baby yoga program at Magee Women’s Hospital and provided that program with teachers from my training program for many years.  In 2013, I published a Matrika Prenatal Yoga eBook and accompanying 45-minute audio guided practice.  I work with clients of all ages to promote optimum reproductive health through modern menstruation education, fertility awareness for both the prevention and encouragement of conception, and nourishing support for fertility challenges, pregnancy, birth, and life with a baby.  Since 2013, I have created and facilitated an online prenatal yoga teacher training program and trained yoga teachers all over the world who teach mindful movement, breathing, visualization, and meditation to pregnant people, parents and babies, and families with infants.  I also have a 200-hour Registered Yoga School (RYS) and facilitate this meditation and ecospirituality teacher training program at Zenbarn in Waterbury, VT.