Sarah Kulig

Sarah believes that taking time to move, breathe, and pay attention on the mat makes it easier to fully experience life off the mat. As a new parent, yoga has helped her take notice of the feelings that arise when caring for a little human—joy, frustration, wonder, all of it. She leads class with straightforward and encouraging language and tries to give students plenty of time to explore poses. Students have shared that they feel relaxed and peaceful after her classes. Whatever type of class she’s teaching, Sarah hopes that you leave feeling refreshed and more connected to yourself and the people in your community.

-200-hour at Sangha Studio completed 4/2017

-Reiki Level 1 & 2 Attunement

-Pregnancy workshop with Nicole Dagesse 9/2017

-Treating Traumatic Stress in Kids: Sensory, Yoga, and Mindfulness Techniques to Rewire the Young Brain 1/2018

-15-Hour Hands-On Adjustments and Assisting 3/2018

25-hour Trauma Sensitive Restorative Yoga Training (BodyWise Institute) 7/2019