(#3)Morgan-MerrihewMorgan started practicing yoga in 2006 while attending Champlain College. After getting her 200-hour yoga teacher certification in the winter of 2008 at Kripalu, she began teaching at both Champlain and Evolution Yoga. She then had a great opportunity to teach an adaptive yoga class for clients at the Howard Center. Honored to take this job, it reiterated the fact that anyone and everyone can experience the benefits of yoga and it’s mind and body connection.

It wasn’t until her pregnancy in the winter of 2010 that she truly found an infinite and intimate connection with herself beyond what she thought was possible as a result of yoga. The experience of pregnancy was supplemented by attending a regular pre-natal yoga class, which helped encourage a peaceful environment and community, calmness through her body and connecting with her growing baby.

Today as a mother of two, Morgan keeps yoga a consistent piece of her life, taking its strength and refreshing breathing techniques and living through life with a reminder to stay grounded and connected.